PATHWAYS 101: How to Get Started - Your First Speech "The IceBreaker"

1. Navigate to Toastmasters International and Select Login

Navigate to Toastmasters International and select 'Login' from the menu at the top of the page

2. Login with Your Email and Password

3. Select the Pathways Menu Tab

4. Select the Basecamp Sub-Menu Entry

5. Select the Transcript Menu Tab

6. Select the Open Curriculum Menu Button

7. Select the IceBreaker Launch Button

8. Select the Begin Arrow

9. Use These Arrows to Navigate Forward and Backward Through the Lesson Slides

10. Open the Directions Sub Menus at the bottom of the presentation window and read the directions at each Step. Remember you'll have to close this Directions Sub Menu Before Your Navigation Arrows are Available Again


11. There's over 20 slides before you get to the Finish of the IceBreaker Lesson Set. Some are checklists, some are interactive with 1-5 ratings selections. The more time and effort you put into these sections the more you will get out of them. Check off all of the checklists and fill in the 1-5 rating bubbles. Once you've finished checking off all of the lessons and slides and tutorials you can print your IceBreaker Evaluation Form and schedule your Icebreaker Speech with your Club VP Education (having a folder to keep your completed Evaluation Forms in is nice to help keep track of the Speeches you've given)

12. When You've Reached the Last Slide, You Can Start Looking Back through the Slides

13a. To complete the Project in Basecamp navigate back to this IceBreaker Launch Button in Step 7 and use the dropdown menu in the Launch Button to mark the Project as Complete.

13b. Alternate instructions to mark the Level Complete: Use the dropdown menu in the Open Curriculum Button from Step 6 and select 'view training details'. In the tiny print on the training details page you should see The IceBreaker Project as a row entry with an option to 'mark as complete'.

14. Close the Browser Window when you want to Leave the Lesson

15. Closing the Browser Window that had 'The IceBreaker' lesson will return you to the Open Curriculum Window for your Path. Select 'Launch' for the lessons on 'Evaluation and Feedback' and 'Researching and Presenting' to complete them just like The 'IceBreaker'.