Mini Pathways Evaluation Forms

These Mini Pathways Evaluation Forms  are for individual feedback from members to club speakers.

This form can be used by all your club members to evaluate all your speakers. These are the evaluations for the first four speeches in Pathways Level 1. Simply print and cut them in quarters, then share these with your members at every meeting. The paper evaluations will allow members to get familiar with Pathways Level 1 evaluations.

How to use the forms.

These templates can be run back to back with a front page that is similar to Page 1 of the new evaluation forms, and the reverse using the same criteria from Page 2 of the new forms.

Different templates have been created so that you can use the reverse side with the scoring numbers, or with just the word descriptions of the persons performance level. Each form can be cut into four small forms for weekly meetings.

Clubs who have used these mini evaluation forms have found it has helped their members quickly learn the new evaluation system and criteria. They also found their members were able to evaluate those working in Pathways projects, even if they were not working in Pathways themselves.

A great training tool for everyone.

Developed by Maureen McBeath, DTM