How to Login on Toastmasters Website

Create Your Member Login on the Toastmasters International Website

1. Navigate to Toastmasters International and select 'Login' from the menu at the top of the page

2. Select 'Forgot Password' in the Login form

3. Submit the Email address where you'd like to receive the link to Reset (or in this case Set for the first time) your Password

4. Go to your Email, open the Email Toastmasters International just sent you to Reset your Password, select the link they sent you to Reset your Password, then enter the Password you want to use into the Reset Password Form.

5. Use the Email and Password from Steps 3 & 4 to Login to your Toastmasters International Member Account

After you get Logged In to Toastmasters International you'll be able to take the Pathways assessment and select your Path. Click HERE for Instructions