Program Quality Team

Reports to District Trio

Lily Laverton

Lily Laverton, DTM
Program Quality Director

Reports to Program Quality Director

Nicole Holas, Administration Manager

Nicole Holas
Conference Chair

Donna Ho
Recognition Coordinator

Dawn Miller, DTM PID
Speechcraft Support Specialist

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson
President Trainer

Dorothea Hendriks, DTM

Dorothea Hendriks, DTM
VP Education Trainer

Michael Gurney, Area 45 Director

Michael Gurney
VP Public Relations Trainer

Kerry Deschamps, Immediate Past District Director

Kerry Deschamps, DTM PDD
VP Membership Trainer

Kevin P

Kevin Pendergraft
Treasurer Trainer

Ron Lee, Area 71 Director

Ron Lee
Secretary Trainer

Ray Miller

Ray Miller
Sargent At Arms Trainer