Your District Leadership for 2023 - 2024!

Stage and curtains with a spot light on the TM logo

District Director  Paul Rostagno, DTM,  a Toastmaster since 2004, current Program Quality Director, past Area and Division Director, and recipient of the Toastmaster of the Year 'Doug Anderson Award'. Currently a member of Cloverleaf Toastmasters.

Program Quality Director Luzena Dumercy, a Toastmaster since 2013, current Division Director, past Area Director. Division and Area Director of the Year. 

Club Grow Director Candidates – To Be Nominated from the floor of the District Council Business Meeting.

Division A Open Position.

Division B Christopher Chen, DL5, a Toastmasters since 2021, current area director and member of Declarations Toastmasters.

Division C Jim Heeren, DTM, a Toastmaster since 1997, current area director and member of Quay Speakers Toastmasters.

Division D Wyatt Klopp, a Toastmaster since 2017, current area director and division director. A current member of Prince George Toastmasters. 

Division J Open Position.

Division M Mark Hurrell, DTM, a toastmaster since 2012, the current District Administration Manager, past District Finance Manager. Currently a member of Lincoln Toastmasters and Top Story Advanced.