Vladimira Horvathova

Vladimira (Vladi) Horvathova, DTM, Club Growth Director

Vladimira Horvathova


Vladimira Horvathova

Words of Rememberance

Vladi was a great mentor to me for many years,

Her encouraging and positive voice will stay with me for all of my life, 

I had only met Vladi a few times when I invited her to a Karaoke party I was hosting. I thought "yeah, she won't come. She barely knows me and she won't know anyone here." I was surprised when she showed up at the door.  By the time the nigh was over she knew everyone's name and had increased her Facebook friends list by at least 10.

She lit up that room. She was a joy to be around.  She will be missed.

I was blessed to have Vladi assist with District operations during my two (2) years as a District Trio member.  I remember meeting her halfway to connect as she lived in North Van and I live in Maple Ridge but, there was always a Vladi hug at the end of the road.  I still can't believe she is gone, I will miss her dearly.

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