Area D42 Area Director Elections


Area Director Elections:

The 2022-2023 Area Director Elections for Area 42 will take place at our Area Council Meeting on Sunday March 27 @ 4pm PST.  This will serve as your written notice of the election date four (4) weeks before the Election.

Each club in the Area may submit to the Area Director, in writing, any paid member as a candidate for Area Director.  A nomination form is enclosed for your purposes.  The Area Director places the names of candidates from the clubs in nomination at the election.  Nominations from the floor will also be accepted. 

Candidates who have been nominated and will let their name stand, need to attend the Area Council Meeting.  If two or more candidates are nominated, each candidate (in alphabetical order) will present a two-minute timed speech. Then the election will proceed.

Enclosed you will find resources on the role of the Area Director.  You can share this information with potential candidates.  The candidates need to complete the District Leader Release and Agreement form which is attached to this email. 

Please contact me should you need any further information,

Signed by:  Pam Muir Division D Director 2021-2022